Are ‘The Last Of Us’ and ‘House Of The Dragon’ HBO’s top priorities post-strike?


The WGA strike is officially coming to a close. After 148 days, HBO is prioritizing the return of series like The Last of Us and House of the Dragon.

This WGA strike was the second longest in Hollywood’s history. In being so, it has studios scrambling to get their plans back on track, prioritizing getting certain series off the ground to avoid any further delays. Perhaps the most interesting of these priorities comes from HBO, which hopes to fast-track the next seasons of The Last of Us and House of the Dragon.

What about the SAG-AFTRA strike?

Of course, these plans are tentative on SAG-AFTRA receiving a deal in short order following the conclusion of the WGA strike. Given the AMPTP was able to iron out an agreement with the WGA in just four days after finally agreeing to come to the table, it’s possible that SAG-AFTRA’s agreement could be done as early as the end of next week.

While the WGA got far from everything they wanted out of the deal, they did get most of their key provisions. This includes limits on the ability of major studios to use A.I. when producing materials, minimum staffing and payment requirements for writers’ rooms, and success-based residuals.

Studios will certainly continue to face delays even after both strikes conclude. With every company scrambling to get their biggest franchises back on track, A-List talent and soundstages will be at a premium. It’s unclear if shows like The Last of Us or House of the Dragon will face delays, but they’re certainly not out of the woodwork yet.



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