Did Britney Spears’ knife post save a knife shop from financial ruin?

The prop shop where Britney Spears claims she rented her famous dancin’ knives is seeing a big boost in sales after the shout-out… and it’s helped save the store from financial trouble.

The manager of Hand Prop Room in L.A. says that since Britney mentioned their shop on Instagram, their online traffic and phone calls have doubled. Rental sales for their props, especially knives, have increased by 50%.

People have been calling the shop specifically to inquire about Britney and her knives. The manager has been fielding numerous calls about her.

Britney played a significant role in saving the struggling store. It has been facing difficulties due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes this year. With little work and fewer rentals, the shop was in financial distress.

The entertainment industry is the store’s primary source of income, so the lack of work had a significant impact. However, thanks to Britney’s post, the store has experienced improved business. In fact, they have been playing her songs on repeat since her shout-out, so the promotion works both ways!

As we previously reported, Britney shared an alarming dance video with prop knives on Monday. She reassured her fans that the knives were not real and that it was all part of her Halloween celebration.

And on Thursday, she further confirmed that her team had rented the props from Hand Prop Room. She also mentioned that her dangerous moves were inspired by Shakira’s VMA performance.

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