Do Native People Need Taylor Swift’s Help to End the Kansas City Chiefs’ Tomahawk Chop?

Taylor Swift has become closely associated with the Kansas City Chiefs ever since her relationship with Travis Kelce. And now, one Native American group is making a big request, asking for Taylor’s assistance in ending the team’s “Tomahawk chop” tradition.

The Tomahawk chop is a famous ritual that Chiefs fans perform during games, which has become a tradition over the years. However, some activist groups, including one called Not In Our Honor, are protesting against this gesture, deeming it offensive and racially insensitive.

Rhonda LeValdo, the head of Not In Our Honor, and other Native American activists were present outside Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday to voice their concerns. They are not only calling for an end to the Tomahawk chop but also suggesting a possible change to the team’s name.

Not In Our Honor has reached out to Taylor, hoping that her newfound association with the Chiefs will prompt her to support their cause. LeValdo stated, “We stay hopeful that an outdoor affect like Ms. Swift could possibly be an ally for us in shifting the dialog ahead on why the chop is a racist act.”

According to LeValdo, the hand gesture associated with the Tomahawk chop is seen as a form of synchronized racism. She believes that Taylor could use her platform to understand their perspective and raise awareness about the scientific and psychological research highlighting the harm caused by such behavior, especially to Native American youth and communities.

During Sunday’s game, Taylor was seen on camera witnessing the Tomahawk chop, but she did not participate in it. Instead, she danced in place, creating speculation about her stance on the matter.

Not In Our Honor encourages people to learn more about Native American history and understand that the Tomahawk chop is a mockery of their heritage, which has been marred by numerous painful chapters since the arrival of white settlers on their land.

This issue is part of a broader conversation within the sports world. The Washington Football Team recently changed its name to the Washington Commanders following public outcry, and the Cleveland Indians rebranded as the Cleveland Guardians. Until now, the Chiefs have largely avoided such criticism.

With Taylor’s growing influence, Not In Our Honor believes that she has the power and opportunity to make a difference. They hope that she is on the same page as them and can help bring an end to the Tomahawk chop.

The request from Not In Our Honor highlights the need for cultural sensitivity and respect in sports. It is essential for fans and teams to consider the impact of their gestures and traditions on marginalized communities. Taylor Swift’s involvement in this issue could play a significant role in raising awareness and driving positive change.