Is Queen Camilla now confident enough to do her own makeup for events?

Queen Camilla has apparently taken on a new skill for herself – doing her own makeup for big public events. According to sources in Paris, the 76-year-old royal has been teaching herself a few tricks of the beauty trade and has gained enough confidence to apply her makeup on her own. This revelation comes just weeks after the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, arrived in Germany without a glam squad and did her own hair and makeup. It seems that the trend of royal women doing their own beauty routines is catching on.

While it might seem surprising that Queen Camilla, who has access to the best makeup artists in the world, would choose to do her own makeup, sources claim that she has become quite skilled at it. Parisian insiders have noted that Camilla has worked out what suits her maturing skin over the years, leading to a radiant and glowing appearance. One insider even commented on how difficult it is to achieve such a look in front of so many cameras.

It’s important to note that Camilla has not always done her own makeup. In the past, she did employ a makeup artist for big events, including her wedding to King Charles in 2005. However, it seems that as Camilla has grown into her role as queen and gained more confidence, she has taken matters into her own hands. This newfound skill could be seen as a testament to her independence and willingness to adapt and learn new things.

While some may question the authenticity of this claim, suggesting that Camilla is simply copying Meghan, there is evidence to suggest that she has been doing her own makeup for a while now. It has been noted that Camilla has carefully studied the best way to pose for photographers and has developed an elegant and unfussy style with the help of her long-standing dresser, Jacqui Meakin. Meakin, who worked for the late Queen Mother, has an eye for the eye-catching and has helped Camilla develop her own unique style.

Overall, it seems that Queen Camilla’s decision to do her own makeup is a testament to her confidence and independence. While the tour of France may not have been a headline-grabber, Camilla’s radiant and glowing appearance certainly caught the attention of many. Whether she continues to do her own makeup or enlists the help of a makeup artist in the future, one thing is for certain – Camilla has proven that she is more than capable of taking matters into her own hands and making herself look and feel beautiful.