Does Kody Brown believe Janelle Brown is only attracted to him physically?

In the latest episode of “Sister Wives,” Kody Brown made a surprising comment about his relationship with Janelle Brown. He declared that he believes Janelle is no longer “in love” with him and that she only finds him attractive physically. This revelation has caused some tension between the couple, as Janelle argues that there is more to a marriage than just physical attraction.

During their conversation, Kody admitted that he thinks Janelle is solely interested in his looks. “Janelle’s not in love with me. I think she thinks I’m hot. I got nice pecks and a great six-pack abs, but that’s all she’s interested in,” he said. Janelle, on the other hand, expresses her concerns about the state of their marriage. She believes that there should be more to their relationship than just physical attraction and that they are in danger if they don’t address their issues.

This conversation between Kody and Janelle comes after their intense fight before Christmas. They sit down for the first time since then to discuss their problems. They have lunch together and try to work through their issues. However, Kody continues to claim that he was blindsided by Christine Brown leaving him, which confuses Janelle. She remembers Kody mentioning his lack of attraction to Christine and the struggles in their marriage over the years.

Janelle tells Kody that she is willing to seek counseling to save their relationship but wants to stay separated for the time being. She admits that she feels like she is not getting what she deserves from Kody. Despite their ongoing problems, Janelle still cares deeply for her husband. She confesses, “I do miss Kody. We are very best friends. We have a lot of conversations. I miss him in my bed. I miss him in my house. I miss him. But I am not being treated the way I deserve to be treated here.”

It is clear that Kody and Janelle have some serious issues to work through if they want to save their marriage. While physical attraction is important, there needs to be more substance and emotional connection for a marriage to thrive. Hopefully, the couple will be able to resolve their differences and find a way to rebuild their relationship.

New episodes of “Sister Wives” air on TLC and Max, and fans will surely be waiting eagerly to see how Kody and Janelle’s story unfolds.