Was Megan Thee Stallion present at Beyonce’s Houston concert for a fiery ‘Savage Remix’?

In a surprising turn of events, Beyonce was joined onstage by fellow Houston native Megan Thee Stallion for a performance of their hit collaboration, “Savage Remix,” at Beyonce’s hometown concert in Houston. This exciting moment happened after Megan had to cancel her performance at the Global Citizen festival in New York due to a scheduling conflict.

Fans quickly realized that Beyonce’s concert was taking place on the same night as the Global Citizen festival and made the connection that Megan would likely join her onstage. The duo previously teamed up for the remix of “Savage” in 2020, and their shared Houston roots only added to the anticipation.

True to expectations, Megan joined Beyonce on stage at NRG Stadium for their first-ever concert collaboration of “Savage Remix.” The crowd went wild as the two talented artists showcased their energy and chemistry together.

After delivering her verse, Beyonce addressed the crowd, asking if there were any “savage ladies and gentlemen” in the house and giving a shoutout to Megan as “Houston’s own.” Megan then took the stage, with Beyonce expressing her pride in the rising star. It was a moment that made Houston proud as well.

Megan’s surprise appearance at Beyonce’s concert was a thrill for both artists and their fans. It was a testament to the talented and supportive community that Houston has fostered in the music industry. This collaboration was dream come true for Megan, who previously expressed her disbelief and joy when Beyonce agreed to join her on the remix.

The two artists first met at a party earlier in the year but didn’t discuss a collaboration at the time. Megan shared that the encounter left a lasting impression on her, as she danced the night away with Beyonce and felt accepted by the superstar.

The “Savage Remix” collaboration between Beyonce and Megan was a huge success when it was released in 2020. The surprise appearance at Beyonce’s hometown concert only added to the legacy of this dynamic partnership.

Overall, this unexpected reunion between Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion in their hometown of Houston was a moment to remember. It showcased the talent, camaraderie, and pride that exists within the music industry. Fans can only hope that there will be more collaborations in the future between these two incredible artists.