Does Knott’s Berry Farm outdo Disneyland with a staged fire in their Halloween show?

Knott’s Berry Farm has just taken a playful jab at its rival, Disneyland, with a staged fire during one of its Halloween shows. The show, titled “The Hanging: Uncanceled,” featured cast members on stage while a giant dragon in the background appeared to catch fire. This was an obvious dig at Disneyland’s unfortunate incident earlier this year when a dragon in their popular Fantasmic! show actually caught fire.

In a video captured by a guest, you can hear one of the performers exclaim, “Oh, f*ck me!” as flames erupt from the dragon’s head. He jokingly asks, “Where did you guys get this thing from — Anaheim?” referring to Disneyland’s location. Eventually, another performer promises to put out the fire. The narrator then chimes in with “Walt Disney presents” and a chorus adds, “the wonderful world of water,” taking a swipe at Disneyland’s World of Color water show.

This playful stunt from Knott’s Berry Farm is a clear elbow to the ribs of its long-standing Orange County rival. Disneyland’s Fantasmic! show was stopped in its tracks when a fire engulfed one of its animatronic dragons back in April. The incident resulted in the evacuation of the crowd and the closure of the attraction. In response, Disney temporarily halted all fire effects at its parks worldwide as they investigated the incident.

It’s evident that Knott’s Berry Farm saw an opportunity to poke some fun at their competitor and potentially attract some attention their way. While both theme parks offer unique experiences and have their loyal fan bases, it’s always entertaining to see some friendly rivalry between them.

Watch the video below to see the amusing moment at Knott’s Berry Farm:

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Overall, this little stunt from Knott’s Berry Farm serves as a reminder that they’re not afraid to roast their rivals. With their annual “Knott’s Scary Farm” event well underway, it seems they’re determined to keep the Halloween spirit alive and have a bit of fun along the way. So, whether you’re a fan of Knott’s Berry Farm or Disneyland, it’s clear that the battle between these two iconic Southern California theme parks is still very much alive.