Is Emilie Ullerup married and who is her husband, Kyle Cassie?

Emilie Ullerup, known for her roles in Hallmark movies, has captured the hearts of many viewers with her talent and charm. As fans eagerly anticipate her return to the Hallmark Channel in the film “Return to You,” there is a growing curiosity about her personal life, especially whether she is married. Well, the answer is yes!

Emilie Ullerup has been happily married to actor and director Kyle Cassie since 2015. The couple tied the knot six years ago and have been going strong ever since. In a heartfelt Instagram post last month, Emilie celebrated their anniversary by sharing a sweet message about their journey together.

“8 years married, 16 years together. Wish I could find a photo from back then but my iPhone library doesn’t date that far back 😋 I love what we have built. I love where we are going. I love you,” Emilie wrote to commemorate their special day.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of her iPhone library, Emilie couldn’t share a throwback photo from their early days. Nonetheless, the post showcased their enduring love and the bond they have created over the years. It’s heartwarming to see their lasting relationship and the joy they bring to each other’s lives.

Although Emilie Ullerup prefers to keep her personal life relatively private, she occasionally shares glimpses of her life with Kyle on social media. While scrolling through her Instagram feed, fans can catch a few adorable snapshots of the couple, giving them a peek into their world.

As Emilie returns to the Hallmark Channel in “Return to You,” fans can look forward to witnessing her on-screen magic once again. Her talent and dedication to her craft have made her a beloved figure in the world of Hallmark movies. And as she continues to grace our screens, let’s not forget the love and support she receives from her husband, Kyle Cassie.

So, as fans indulge in Emilie Ullerup’s performances and fall in love with her characters, it’s comforting to know that she has found happiness in her personal life too. With her talent, beauty, and a caring husband by her side, Emilie Ullerup is certainly living a life worth celebrating.