Does Chris Brown address Tinashe’s comments on their collaboration and her regrets?

Chris Brown is not taking Tinashe’s recent comments about their collaboration lightly. The two artists worked together on the song “Player” back in 2015, but Tinashe recently expressed regret about having Chris Brown on the track.

During an interview on The Zach Sang Show, Tinashe not only called her collaboration with R. Kelly “embarrassing,” but she also shared her thoughts on working with Chris Brown. She explained that while they wanted the song to be a big hit, she didn’t understand the decision to feature Chris Brown on a pop song. Tinashe mentioned that she felt they only added him to get support since he was a popular artist on rhythmic radio at the time.

Upon hearing these comments, Chris Brown decided to respond on Instagram. In an Instagram post, he challenged people to name five Tinashe songs or “die.” This comment can be seen as a suggestion that the general public is not familiar with Tinashe’s music. In another comment, Chris Brown claimed that Tinashe’s career is non-existent and that it is more embarrassing that she collaborated with various artists but couldn’t save her own career.

This recent exchange between Chris Brown and Tinashe is not the first time that the controversial singer has made headlines. During the VMAs, his name was mentioned, and a prominent star had a strong reaction to it.

It’s clear that tensions are high between Chris Brown and Tinashe. While Tinashe has expressed her regrets about their collaboration, Chris Brown seems to be hitting back with his own criticisms of her career. Only time will tell if these comments will have a lasting impact on their relationship and future collaborations.