Which stars regret filming their explicit scenes in movies and TV?

Over the years, some of our favorite stars have boldly bared all on-screen in TV and movies. Following the release of their projects, the celebrities have since spoken out in interviews about their experiences, revealing that they’ve either entirely regretted the scenes, or felt uncomfortable with the idea of stripping down ever again.

“It’s never a comfortable thing. I’ve never enjoyed it, ever. It’s always mortifying…I always felt it was something I should get over,” one A-lister revealed.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest stars who’ve spoken out about their steamy scenes. Let’s find out who regrets their NSFW scenes and the reasons why…

1. Emma Watson: The former “Harry Potter” star has been open about her discomfort with explicit scenes. She once confessed, “I’ve never felt comfortable doing [sex scenes]. I just always find it awkward and uncomfortable – I guess the thing is, I feel like I’ve never had a sex scene on screen without agreeing to it.”

2. Jennifer Lawrence: Despite being one of Hollywood’s most talented actresses, Lawrence has spoken about feeling exposed while filming intimate scenes. “I don’t like sex scenes. I would do nudity for a part if it was absolutely necessary, but there’s nothing sexy about filming a sex scene. They’re the least sexy thing in the world,” she admitted.

3. Tom Hiddleston: The “Loki” star revealed that he regrets his intimate scenes in the movie “The Night Manager.” Hiddleston said, “It made me feel very self-conscious because it feels like this is meant to be intimate, it’s about two people getting closer together. It’s not meant to be impulsive or gratuitous – you’re meant to believe in it.”

4. Dakota Johnson: Known for her role in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise, Johnson has expressed mixed feelings about her explicit scenes. She confessed, “If it feels scary, you just have to lean into it. If a project is worth it, there’s no question. I totally get why people say filming sex scenes is awkward.”

5. Kate Winslet: The acclaimed actress has starred in various explicit scenes throughout her career, but she admits to regretting some of them. Winslet stated, “There have been moments where I’ve said, ‘I wish there was a little bit less of that exposed’ or ‘Can we have that in wider shots?'”

These are just a few examples of stars who have expressed regret or discomfort with filming NSFW scenes. It’s important to remember that these actors are professionals, and their decisions about on-screen nudity should be respected. While some may regret it, others may be perfectly comfortable with it. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide what they are comfortable with as actors and performers.