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How did viewers respond to footage of Jonathan Majors intervening in teen fight before court?

In a surprising turn of events, footage has emerged showing actor Jonathan Majors intervening in a fight between two teenage girls just one day before his reported court date. The incident occurred outside Hollywood High School earlier in the week, and Majors, who was at a nearby fast food establishment, swiftly entered the scene to try and end the quarrel. However, the girls continued to fight, trading blows until eventually going their separate ways.

Given the timing of the footage, which was shared by TMZ on Thursday, many social media users couldn’t help but speculate about the possibility of the matter being staged. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Majors was set to appear in court on Friday for domestic assault and harassment charges. His attorney maintains that the actor is “entirely innocent,” but the presence of this intervening incident just before the court date has raised eyebrows.

Some social media users came to Majors’ defense, pushing back against the idea of the situation being a publicity stunt. One user argued that if it were a stunt, there were “a million other things he could’ve done.” Another emphasized that one of the girls involved in the fight was clearly in trouble and accused social media of being out of touch for suggesting it was staged. However, there were still others who firmly believed the incident was orchestrated for PR purposes, with one user stating that Majors’ PR team was “doing overtime.”

Notably, social media also couldn’t resist commenting on Majors’ outfit in the footage, with one user joking that he always dressed like a train conductor. Others used humor to poke fun at the situation, creating memes and jokes about Majors’ intervention.

It’s unclear how this incident will impact Majors’ ongoing legal case, but it certainly has raised questions and sparked speculation. As the court date approaches, all eyes will be on the outcome and whether this intervening incident will have any bearing on the proceedings. With social media buzzing about the footage, it’s clear that viewers have mixed reactions and opinions about what transpired between Majors and the teenage girls.