Do Chris Evans and Alba Baptista face backlash over their age difference from trolls?

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista recently tied the knot in a secret ceremony, but their joyous occasion was overshadowed by the age gap between them. The couple, who have been dating for a while now, faced a deluge of shaming from online trolls who couldn’t seem to get over the fact that Baptista is 16 years younger than Evans.

Chris Evans, known for his role as Steve Rogers in the MCU, and Alba Baptista, beloved for her role in the Warrior Nun franchise, finally said their “I dos” on September 9, in a private ceremony near Evans’ home outside of Boston. The guest list included fellow MCU actors Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner, although guests were required to sign NDAs to keep the details under wraps.

Initial reactions to their wedding were filled with joy and some playful lamentations from fans who realized that these two stunning individuals were now off the market. However, there were also those who expressed sincere hostility towards the couple solely because of their age difference.

Evans, at 42 years old, was born in 1981, while Baptista, a Portuguese actress, was born in 1997, making her 26 years old. It’s essential to note that Baptista is a grown adult woman with an established career in the Portuguese film industry before making her English-language debut in Warrior Nun.

The couple reportedly met in 2021 while filming projects in Europe, debunking any accusations of grooming or inappropriate behavior. Yet, the age gap still became a point of contention for some people who argue that age gaps in relationships are inherently problematic.

While extreme age gaps may indeed raise questions and concerns, it’s crucial to consider the context of each relationship. In the case of Evans and Baptista, neither party fits the stereotype of an exploited younger partner or an older individual seeking a trophy spouse. They are both successful professionals in the entertainment industry, and their relationship appears to be built on genuine connection and love.

It’s time for the Age Gap Police to let go of their obsession with shaming couples based solely on their age differences. Personal discomfort is valid, but it shouldn’t result in the public shaming of two consenting adults who found happiness in each other’s company. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, but attempting to impose those feelings onto others and labeling their relationship as immoral is unfair and unjust.

So let’s celebrate Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s marriage and focus on more pressing matters rather than stigmatizing something as natural as love between two consenting adults.