Does Beck and Phoenix’s Joint Summer Tour Deliver Joyous Indie Rock Nostalgia?

Beck and Phoenix joined forces for a summer tour that delivered a joyous dose of indie rock nostalgia. The two acts brought their fun and energetic vibes to Madison Square Garden in New York for a concert that left fans in high spirits.

The show kicked off with the release of the new song “Odyssey,” which perfectly encapsulated the light-hearted atmosphere of the tour. The Technicolor merch, staging, and setlist all contributed to the breezy feel of the evening.

Phoenix took the stage and treated the audience to a set heavy on their breakout album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” and their newest record, “Alpha Zulu.” The crowd enthusiastically sang along to millennial-favorite party starters like “Lisztomania” and “1901.” The band also took moments for more reflective songs, such as the live highlight “Sunskrupt!,” a mashup of “Bankrupt!” and “Love Like a Sunset” that turned into a trippy jam session.

Despite playing newer material, Phoenix’s newest songs still captured the sugary highs of their popular work, keeping fans engaged and on their feet. The French group’s warm and synthy pop was amplified by the electrifying drumming of Thomas Hedlund, who kept the band in rhythm and the crowd dancing. The visual stimulation, from bright strobe lights to Thomas Mars crowdsurfing, added an exciting dynamic to their performance.

Following Phoenix’s high-energy act, Beck and his backing band took the stage with a turbocharged energy of their own. The setlist focused on his career-defining album, “Odelay,” featuring hits like “Devils Haircut,” “The New Pollution,” and “Mixed Bizness.” Beck effortlessly toggled through various genres, showcasing his versatility as a rapper, guitar virtuoso, and pop savant. His infectious energy and impressive dance moves brought funk and groove to songs like “Qué Onda Guero” and “Debra.”

Towards the end of the show, Phoenix and Weyes Blood, the evening’s opener, joined Beck on stage to perform a peppy rendition of his tearjerker “Lost Cause” from the album “Sea Change.” This unexpected collaboration added a unique twist to the concert experience. The evening concluded with the crowd happily bopping around to “Odyssey,” a testament to the overall vibe of the night.

Beck closed the show with his classic “Where It’s At,” creating a memorable moment by sending balloons into the crowd during the infectious refrain. Although Beck is known for his adaptability across various musical styles, it was a delight to see him fully embrace his comfort food mode and tap into nostalgia.

The joint Summer Odyssey Tour brought together two beloved indie rock acts for a night of pure joy and nostalgia. Both Phoenix and Beck delivered energetic performances, engaging the crowd with their catchy tunes and dynamic stage presence. From start to finish, the concert left fans with a sense of satisfaction and a longing for more of that nostalgic indie rock experience.

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