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Did Taylor Swift spend time with Sabrina Carpenter when Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts’ released?

In a surprising turn of events, Taylor Swift was spotted hanging out with Sabrina Carpenter on the same day that Olivia Rodrigo’s highly-anticipated album, ‘Guts,’ was released. For those who are familiar with the backstory of Olivia Rodrigo’s first album, ‘Sour,’ Sabrina Carpenter was known as “the other woman” in Olivia’s first relationship. Taylor Swift, along with her longtime collaborator, Jack Antonoff, even took legal action against Olivia over her song “deja vu.” However, it seems that Taylor and Sabrina have now become close friends, further fueling the drama between Olivia and Taylor.

While it’s unclear what exactly is happening behind the scenes, it’s worth noting that Olivia has released two songs, “The Grudge” and “Lacy,” which many people believe are aimed at Taylor. In “The Grudge,” Olivia sings about someone she feels has wronged her, and in “Lacy,” she references a rival who has screwed her over both personally and professionally. Whether these songs are about Taylor, Sabrina, or someone else entirely remains a mystery.

What we do know for sure is that on the day Olivia’s album came out, Taylor was seen hanging out with her “performative girl squad,” which now includes Sabrina Carpenter. It’s reminiscent of Taylor’s infamous “Bad Blood” era, where she gathered a group of celebrity friends to publicly show their support for her. It seems that a new storm is brewing, and Olivia Rodrigo is clearly not holding back in expressing her feelings about Taylor.

As fans eagerly dissect the lyrics of Olivia’s songs and try to decipher who they are aimed at, one thing is certain – tensions are running high between Olivia and Taylor. It remains to be seen how this drama will unfold, but for now, Team Rodrigo seems to have gained a lot of support.