Is J. Cole’s first Hot 100 No.1 really achieved with help from Drake’s alley-oop?

Drake’s recent album, For All the Dogs, has been a huge success, with several of its tracks becoming hits. One of these tracks, “First Person Shooter,” features J. Cole and has notably secured his first-ever Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper. However, J. Cole seems to downplay the achievement, suggesting that he would have felt even better if it hadn’t come as a result of a collaboration with Drake.

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J. Cole Says He Would’ve Been Fine With The Yeat Feature Securing The Top Spot

During a sit-down interview on the “A Safe Place” podcast with Lil Yachty, J. Cole mentioned that hitting number one on the Hot 100 was not something he necessarily strived for. He expressed his satisfaction with the idea of his song coming in second place, with Drake and Yeat’s hit, “IDGAF,” taking the top spot instead. In fact, he humorously stated, “I [would] almost feel better not having my first number one be off a Drake alley-oop.

Despite his lighthearted remarks, J. Cole emphasized that he was grateful for the experience and not fixated on beating his fellow artists. He assured his fans that he wasn’t obsessively pushing for streams and trying to boost numbers. According to him, he wasn’t at home desperately urging everyone to listen to his song and surpass Yeat.

The Rapper Credits iTunes Sales For The Win: “I Don’t Know Who Still Buying Them B***hes”

J. Cole attributes his success on the charts to the support of both his and Drake’s loyal fan bases who still buy digital singles on platforms like iTunes. He admitted his surprise, saying, “I don’t know who still buying them b***hes, but, y’know, appreciate y’all!

According to him, it wasn’t just streaming numbers that contributed to his number one achievement. Instead, it was the commitment of their fans to purchasing the digital single that made the difference.

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