Has Sophia Bush been seen after starting a relationship with USWNT’s Ashlyn Harris?

Sophia Bush was spotted for the first time since news broke of her new relationship with USWNT star Ashlyn Harris. The actress arrived at LAX on Wednesday, just one day after reports surfaced about her and Harris being a new item.

Sophia maintained a low profile and avoided discussing details about her relationship with Harris. She did not reveal how they met or how it feels to receive support from her estranged husband, Grant Hughes.

Speaking of Grant, he has been nothing but supportive of Sophia’s new relationship, despite their recent divorce. A representative for Grant commented, saying, “Grant will always want the best for Sophia and is supportive of all that makes her happy and fulfilled.”

Interestingly, Ashlyn Harris also recently divorced her wife, Ali Krieger, after being together for four years. The couple, who share a young son, filed for divorce just last month.

As of now, neither Sophia Bush nor Ashlyn Harris have publicly commented on their new relationship.

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