Could Dwayne Johnson have handled the Maui Wildfire Fund backlash better?

Dwayne Johnson has spoken out about the backlash he faced earlier this year when he and Oprah Winfrey started a fund to help victims of the devastating Maui wildfires. In a video shared on his Instagram, Johnson acknowledged the criticism and admitted that he could have handled the situation better.

“I get it and I completely understand, and I could have been better. And next time, I will be better,” Johnson said. He recognized that money is not readily available for everyone and that many people live paycheck to paycheck, as he did in the past. Johnson empathized with the frustration that comes with being asked for money, especially when the person making the request already has a significant amount of wealth.

Johnson humbly acknowledged his mistake, saying, “I’ve never launched a fund before. But I’m a quick study and lesson learned. So thank you.” He showed gratitude for the support he has received, acknowledging that the funds collected were already being disbursed to the survivors of the wildfires.

In an Instagram post, Johnson expressed his admiration for the families and communities that have come together following the tragedy. He commended the Polynesian people and thanked everyone who has sent resources, love, and prayers to those affected by the fires. He also showed respect for the cultural leaders, local community organizations, and first responders who played a significant role in helping the affected people.