Debbie Johnson begs 90 Day Fiance fans: Don’t make me live with Colt!

Over a year ago, the entire world witnessed Debbie Johnson feeding Tony boob chocolate at his house. And guess where that house is? Canada, eh! Debbie realized that she could build a new life up there with Tony. But wait, hold your horses – it’s not that simple! This week, Debbie put out an urgent plea for help from all the 90 Day Fiancé fans out there. She needs an immigration lawyer and she needs one quick. If anyone out there knows a good one in her area, she’d love some help. And hey, she’s on a budget too, so if they’re not too expensive, that would be great. Maybe even pro bono if they’re feeling extra generous.

After her stint on 90 Day: The Single Life, Debbie’s transformation really wowed a lot of fans. She’s like a whole new woman, living her best life in Canada with Tony. “Please, to all of my followers in [the] Vancouver area,” Debbie Johnson wrote on Instagram this week. “I am in need of [an] immigration lawyer,” she announced. “Not too expensive.” Debbie suggested: “Maybe even Pro Bono.” You never know, she might get lucky and find an attorney willing to work with her for some good ol’ exposure – but she shouldn’t get her hopes up too high.

“I really love it here,” Debbie said of her life in Canada with Tony. She’s got her sights set on getting her Permanent Residency and she needs all the help she can get. “Please, please if you can help, message me,” Debbie implored her followers. “Help if you can,” Debbie wrote in the captions to that Instagram post. “Please message me asap,” she asked any followers with helpful tips. And she rounded it off with a “Thank you for any information you can give me.”

We all watched Debbie’s whirlwind romance with Tony and we were all rooting for her (I mean, who wouldn’t be after seeing how happy she is with Tony?). Sparks were flying left, right, and center, and they didn’t even need to meet in person to feel the chemistry. Once they actually met and ended up making good use of the hotel bed, it was like a match made in heaven (or at least a match made in production backing out of the room).

Debbie’s life in Canada wasn’t love at first sight. She found Tony’s home “creepy” at first, but when she hopped into Tony’s bed, she was all in. And who can blame her? It’s not always about the place – sometimes, it’s all about the company, and boy, does Tony provide great company! Unfortunately, just wanting to live somewhere isn’t enough. You gotta have that legal right to stay there.. And that’s where she’s hitting her biggest roadblock now. A large part of 90 Day Fiancé covers these kinds of cross-country legal hurdles and now, our girl Debbie is having to navigate through it herself. But hey, we’re confident she’s gonna come out on top!

We don’t know the specifics of what she needs from an immigration attorney, but knowing Debbie, she’ll fill in that lawyer with all the details once she’s in contact. On the bright side, her former daughter-in-law, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, has been cheering her on in the comments. It’s kind of heartwarming to see these two getting along, especially when Larissa and “Coltee” are on the outs! With all of this love and support from her friends, we are all rooting for Debbie. She’s done Colt’s laundry for so many years, it’s time for her to live her best life and get her happily ever after. Go get ‘em, Debbie! You got this!