Were prisoners caught with cell phones during the national emergency alert system test?

The recent National Emergency Alert System test was considered a success by many, but it inadvertently exposed a major issue within correctional facilities. As cellphones across the U.S. received test messages and blared loud alerts, prisoners who had managed to hide illegal cellphones were caught off guard.

Officials at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York reported confiscating two phones during the test. Similarly, sources at FCI Coleman Low in Florida confirmed the confiscation of two phones as well. While it remains unclear how many other prisons faced similar circumstances, it can be surmised that the problem was widespread.

In Nevada, however, most prisoners seemed to be aware of the impending alert and had turned off their devices in anticipation. As a result, no phones were confiscated in that particular facility.

When contacted for comment, the Federal Bureau of Prisons declined to provide any specifics about their security procedures. However, it is no secret that cellphones behind bars have become a growing concern. Prison officials have been forced to implement new tactics, such as the use of phone-sniffing dogs called “E-Dogs,” to locate these contraband devices.

It is safe to assume that the next time a public alert is issued, prisoners will exercise greater caution, making it even more challenging for authorities to detect hidden cellphones. Nevertheless, efforts to combat this issue will undoubtedly continue as officials strive to maintain safety and security within correctional facilities.