Did Flavor Flav’s National Anthem performance at the Bucks vs. Hawks Game create viral buzz?

flavor flav

Flavor Flav delivered a truly unforgettable rendition of the National Anthem!

It was on Sunday night, October 29, when the 64-year-old rapper took center court at the Fiserv Forum Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to perform the National Anthem before the Atlanta Hawks faced off against the Milwaukee Bucks.

As soon as Flavor Flav finished his performance, NBA fans flooded Twitter with their reactions.

One tweet read, “Rapper Flavor Flav beautifully sang the US National Anthem for the Milwaukee Bucks game.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Are Flavor Flav fans called something? Well, whatever they’re called, I am definitely one of them.”

Flavor Flav’s National Anthem performance received overwhelmingly positive feedback from many spectators. One fan tweeted, “I didn’t realize I needed Flavor Flav singing the National Anthem until he actually did it.” Another tweet said, “Flavor Flav is out there truly living his life, ticking things off his bucket list, enjoying his experiences, and embracing a sober life. We fully support him in this household.”

On the other hand, not everyone was impressed by Flavor Flav’s rendition. One person tweeted, “What on earth did I just witness? Flavor Flav totally butchered the National Anthem. It was dreadful.” Another tweet sarcastically stated, “The genius who chose Flavor Flav to sing the anthem should be given a break in jail.” Someone else expressed their incredulity by saying, “Why on earth would Flavor Flav be chosen to sing the national anthem? This country is not serious at all.”