Is ‘The Drew Barrymore’ Show seeking new writers after parting ways with head writers?

The highly anticipated return of The Drew Barrymore Show is just around the corner, but fans may be disappointed to learn that the show will be down a few writers. Originally scheduled to return on September 18, the show had to reverse its decision due to an ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

However, the popular daytime talk show has confirmed that it will now be back on screens starting October 16. Unfortunately, viewers will notice the absence of three key writers: Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon, and Liz Koe, who were the co-head writers of the show. They have decided not to return to their roles.

The decision of the three WGA members not to come back to the show was confirmed by reliable sources close to The Drew Barrymore Show. The trio was offered to return as soon as the strike was over, but they declined the offer. The show is currently in the process of interviewing writers and is determined to be in compliance with the guild.

In a show of solidarity, White, Kinon, and Koe actively participated in the Writers Guild picket lines, including one that took place outside the tapings of The Drew Barrymore Show. Their presence highlighted their support for fair treatment and a better deal for all writers within the industry.

Produced and distributed by CBS Media Ventures, The Drew Barrymore Show is filmed in New York City. The executive producers of the show are Drew Barrymore and Jason Kurtz. Despite the departure of the three head writers, the show is determined to continue delivering engaging and entertaining content for its audience.

Speaking about her decision to join the strike, Kinon explained, “I came out today because I support my union, the Writers Guild, and I think we deserve a fair deal.” While she acknowledged that the strike had been frustrating, Kinon remained hopeful that a fair agreement would be reached, which the Writers Guild was ultimately successful in securing.

On the matter of the show’s decision to resume production before the strike was resolved, Kinon stated, “It’s not personal. Everybody’s doing what they need to do. They’re going on with the show, and we are picketing.” This statement emphasizes that the writers’ stand was not against the show or its creators, but rather a display of their commitment to the cause.

The news of the show’s return without its head writers was first reported by THR, generating mixed reactions among fans eagerly awaiting the show’s comeback. As the show prepares to navigate this transition, it will undoubtedly be on the lookout for fresh talent to join its writing team.