What did Rosie O’Donnell suggest Drew Barrymore say to mend talk show controversy?

Rosie O’Donnell recently shared her thoughts on Drew Barrymore’s decision to resume production on her talk show amid the WGA strike. O’Donnell, like many others in Hollywood, criticized Barrymore’s actions. However, before Barrymore eventually reversed her decision, O’Donnell offered some advice on what she believed the actress should say to apologize for her actions.

Taking to Instagram, O’Donnell provided her “advice 4 Drew Barrymore.” She suggested that Barrymore should stop taping the show and asking audiences to cross the picket line. O’Donnell then advised Barrymore to seek help in crafting three declarative sentences. According to O’Donnell, these sentences should follow along these lines: “I made an error. I apologize to the WGA for disrespecting the work of professional writers. I apologize to all union members who are withstanding real hardship as I live a life of luxury.”

Barrymore eventually announced the news about her show pausing production, and you can read her statement on the matter by following the provided link. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold, but O’Donnell’s comments certainly add another perspective to the ongoing drama surrounding Barrymore’s talk show.

Source: Just Jared