Emerson’s Podcast “Techy Soul Saviors” Saves Your Digital Butt with Optimism!

Introducing "Technically Optimistic," a podcast by Laurene Powell Jobs' Emerson Collective, hosted by tech guru Raffi Krikorian. Explore the impact of technology on our lives, from online safety to unexpected consequences, with fascinating guests like Lou Montulli and Senator Richard Blumenthal. It's a tech geek's dream come true! Give it a listen and impress your mother-in-law with your newfound tech knowledge.

Hey there, tech-savvy souls! So, you know how these days, we’re all a little paranoid about our online data being collected and used against us? Yeah, it’s a real thing. But fear not, because Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective has your back with their podcast “Technically Optimistic.” And no, it’s not just another boring tech podcast that puts you to sleep faster than counting sheep. Hosted by the tech guru Raffi Krikorian, this podcast is here to save your digital soul in a way that even your mother-in-law would find interesting. Yes, really.

Now, Krikorian isn’t just your average tech guy. He’s the Chief Technology Officer at Emerson Collective, the brainchild of Jobs herself, aimed at making the world a better place through education, the environment, immigration, and health equity. Oh, and they also happen to have a hand in Hollywood, because why not? With a background that includes working at the Democratic National Committee, Uber, and even the former Twitter (now named X), Krikorian knows his stuff when it comes to technology and its impact on our lives.

But “Technically Optimistic” isn’t just about scaring you with the dangers of having a digital presence. No, this podcast goes beyond the usual talk of leaks, scams, and online safety for kids. Krikorian wants to dive deep into the bigger picture and explore the consequences of our online decisions in the vast information economy we find ourselves in today. It’s like a digital existential crisis, but with a touch of optimism.

In the new season, the podcast delves into some pretty eye-opening stuff. Like how women in certain states are avoiding essential medical care at Planned Parenthood just to keep their previous behaviors hidden from legislators. Yeah, it’s a bit sinister, but that’s the reality we live in. And it’s not just about the creepy use of our data; it’s about the unexpected consequences that come with it.

The Season 2 premiere kicked off with a bang, featuring a chat with Lou Montulli, the mastermind behind the infamous “cookie.” And if that doesn’t pique your interest, upcoming episodes promise even more fascinating guests. From Senator Richard Blumenthal discussing online child protection to Marvel superstar Clark Gregg talking about AI and individuality as intellectual property, and even a deep dive into surveillance in American cities with New York Times tech writer Kashmir Hill. It’s like a tech geek’s dream come true.

So, if you’re tired of boring tech podcasts that make you want to throw your phone out the window, give “Technically Optimistic” a listen. Who knows, it might just save your digital soul. And hey, if nothing else, at least you’ll impress your mother-in-law with your newfound tech knowledge. Win-win, right?

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