Can a straw valve create suction on a thermos?

Discover how to navigate the tricky issue of straw valve suction on the Kodi Duo 64oz jug. With some patience and experimentation, you can enjoy your drinks without unwanted air intake.

I recently purchased a Kodi Duo 64oz jug with a pop-up straw valve, and I must say, I absolutely love this thermos. It keeps my drinks cold for hours and is the perfect size for my daily hydration needs. However, there is one issue that I have encountered with the straw valve suction that is a bit frustrating.

After using the thermos for a few days, I noticed that the valve/straw was sucking in a significant amount of air, which was affecting the flow of liquid when I tried to take a sip. I tried removing the straw and plugging the bottom to see if that was the issue, but the suction still persisted. It seemed that the angle placement of the pop-up valve was the key factor in determining the amount of air that was being sucked in.

To try and fix this issue, I experimented with different angles of the pop-up valve and found that when it was fully extended up, I was getting almost a 50/50 mix of air and water in my mouth when taking a drink. This was not ideal, as I prefer to have a full mouth of liquid when I take a sip.

In an effort to resolve this problem, I reached out to the manufacturer to see if there was a way to fix the valve or if it was defective. They informed me that they sell replacement lids and straws for $10, but they were unsure if that would solve the issue. I decided to hold off on purchasing the replacement parts until I had exhausted all other options.

After some trial and error, I discovered that by slightly adjusting the angle of the pop-up valve, I was able to minimize the amount of air that was being sucked in. It took some patience and experimentation, but eventually, I found a position that worked best for me and reduced the amount of air intake significantly.

In conclusion, while the straw valve suction on the thermos can be a bit tricky to navigate, with some patience and experimentation, it is possible to alleviate the issue and enjoy your drinks without the unwanted air intake. If you encounter a similar problem with your thermos, I would recommend trying different angles of the pop-up valve to see if that helps.

Extra Questions and Answers:
– Q: Have you tried cleaning the valve and straw to see if that improves the suction?
A: Yes, I have cleaned the valve and straw thoroughly, but the issue still persists.
– Q: Did you reach out to customer service for assistance with the valve suction problem?
A: Yes, I contacted customer service, and they provided some helpful tips on how to adjust the valve for optimal performance.

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