Is Shakira’s New Romance with Lucien Laviscount Genuine or a Career Move?

Shakira's friends worry about her new romance with Lucien Laviscount from 'Emily in Paris'. Is he using her for fame? Find out more here.

Shakira’s close friends are reportedly worried about her new romance with heartthrob Lucien Laviscount from ‘Emily in Paris’. Sources claim that they fear Lucien is only using Shakira for fame.

According to insiders, Shakira met Lucien at a Hollywood party last month and they hit it off immediately. The pair has been spotted together multiple times, sparking romance rumors among fans and the press. However, Shakira’s friends are questioning Lucien’s intentions and are concerned that he may be using her to boost his own profile in the entertainment industry.

While Shakira is no stranger to dating famous men, her friends believe that Lucien may not have genuine feelings for her. They worry that he is simply looking to further his career by associating himself with a music superstar like Shakira. Despite their concerns, Shakira seems smitten with Lucien and is choosing to ignore the warnings from her pals.

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