What’s the mystery behind my constant mistakes?

Congratulations on starting your trial pair of contact lenses! While it is normal to face some challenges during the initial days, the experience should gradually become easier. If you are struggling to put your contacts in successfully, you may be wondering, “What am I doing wrong here?” Don’t worry, we’re here to help you troubleshoot the most common issues you may encounter.

Trial Days and Initial Difficulties:

Just a few days into the trial, it is quite common to face difficulty in inserting contact lenses. It often takes practice to master this skill. However, if you are finding it particularly challenging, we can explore some possible reasons:

1. Insufficient lubrication: Insufficient moisture on your contact lenses or eyes can make the lenses stick and become difficult to insert.

2. Aligning the lens properly: When putting in a contact lens, it is crucial to make sure it is properly aligned on your fingertip. Misaligned lenses can cause discomfort or vision problems.

3. Blinking or squeezing your eyes: It is essential to remain calm and avoid blinking or squeezing your eyes tightly while inserting contact lenses. These movements can hinder the positioning of the lens.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If you are still facing issues despite following the tips above, here are a few additional troubleshooting steps to consider:

1. Maintain a regular cleaning routine: Make sure your hands and lenses are clean and dry before attempting to insert the contacts. Avoid using oil-based or heavily scented soaps that can leave residue on your fingers.

2. Use rewetting drops: If your lenses feel dry or uncomfortable, try using contact lens rewetting drops to alleviate dryness and increase comfort.

3. Consult your eye care professional: If you continue to struggle or experience persistent discomfort, it is crucial to consult your eye care professional. They can assist in identifying any underlying issues and help you find a solution.

Additional Questions:

1. Can I use regular eye drops instead of contact lens eye drops?
Unfortunately, regular eye drops are not designed to work with contact lenses. It is crucial to use contact lens eye drops specifically formulated for this purpose to ensure proper lubrication and compatibility.

2. Can I wear my contact lenses for an extended period?
It is crucial to strictly follow the recommended wear time and schedule provided by your eye care professional. Wearing your contacts for longer than suggested can lead to discomfort, dryness, and potential eye infections. Always prioritize the health of your eyes and stick to the recommended schedule.

Remember, learning to insert contact lenses takes time and practice. By following the tips above and seeking guidance from your eye care professional, you will overcome these initial hurdles and enjoy the benefits of wearing contact lenses. Don’t hesitate to share this article with friends who might also find it helpful. Happy wearing!

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