Ally Lewber squashes rumors of abusive James Kennedy, but is it all applause-worthy or just another act?

Hold on to your hats, folks, because Ally Lewber is setting the record straight about the shocking accusations surrounding her relationship with Vanderpump Rules star, James Kennedy. Brace yourself for the truth, juicy details, and a whole lot of sass!

Last week, during a candid podcast appearance alongside her co-star Scheana Shay, Ally had the chance to respond to comments made by none other than Bravo’s finest, Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp.

Scheana didn’t hold back, revealing, “I remember it like it was yesterday, after the MTV Movie & TV Awards. They were heading to the afterparty at TomTom, when suddenly, an altercation broke out between a couple in the car, forcing Teddi and me to flee from the chaos. Teddi went on to hint that there may have been a similar situation involving you and James.”

Setting the record straight with conviction, Ally shut down any rumors of physical violence, firmly stating, “That’s absolutely crazy! I’m appalled that this is the most frequently asked question about our relationship. Absolutely nothing physical ever happened between James and me. We had an argument, sure, but there was no physical assault, no blood, and no need for anyone to separate us. It’s all just rumors, nothing more.”

In a candid admission, Ally did reveal that both she and James were drinking that night, but maintained that no altercation took place. If you tuned in to the recent season premiere of Vanderpump Rules, you’ll know that James proudly announced his return to sobriety.

“Yes, we were all a little tipsy in that infamous car,” she confessed. “But there was no physical incident. We then headed to TomTom, had an amazing time, and it was just a great night. That one night certainly wasn’t the catalyst for change or anything. We used to argue when we drank, but we now understand that drinking in those environments is never a great idea. It’s not who we truly are. That’s exactly why James decided to quit drinking.”

Putting all rumors to rest, Ally clarified that she and James are in a good place, emphasizing, “We’re happy and working on ourselves. James has acknowledged his anger issues in the past, and I appreciate that. But I want everyone to know that I’m safe, loved, and everything is great between us.”

During the podcast, Scheana made sure Ally had a safe space to express herself freely. “Thank you,” Ally expressed her gratitude. “I was contemplating going onto Instagram just to tell everyone I’m fine. But it’s a tricky situation, and I want people to understand the gravity of the issue. I do appreciate everyone’s concern, but trust me, I’m all good.”

So there you have it, folks! Ally Lewber has unleashed the truth about the alleged abuse accusations, and it’s anything but what the tabloids wanted you to believe.

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