Leo Woodall’s hilarious take on ‘The White Lotus’ Season Two: It was like a wild non-stop vacation!

Leo Woodall Recounts “One Big Holiday” on Set of ‘The White Lotus’ Season Two

Leo Woodall, the talented actor who portrayed Jack in The White Lotus season two, recently shared his unforgettable experience working on the popular show. In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Woodall described his time on set as “one big holiday,” filled with leisure time and adventures with his co-stars.

Woodall expressed that due to the multitude of characters and storylines in the show, there were numerous days off during filming. This generous downtime allowed the cast members to spend quality time together, resulting in what felt like an extended vacation. They made the most of their free time, creating lasting memories and bonding with each other.

The second season of The White Lotus took place in Sicily at a luxurious resort, where the cast resided for several weeks during the filming in 2022. Woodall reminisced about his time in Italy, stating that it now feels like a world away. He emphasized that the overall experience was akin to going on a grand holiday, thanks to the beautiful location and the incredible camaraderie among the cast.

For Woodall, landing a role in this prestigious series was a dream come true. As a newcomer actor, he was thrilled to join such a star-studded ensemble, which included Aubrey Plaza, F. Murray Abraham, Theo James, and his now-girlfriend, Meghann Fahy. Woodall described the opportunity as a fortuitous moment when the stars aligned.

Among the many unforgettable moments during the production, Woodall recalled a day when he and his fellow cast members watched the Grand National horse race. To his delight, the horse he had bet on emerged victorious. Woodall’s excitement was infectious, evoking hilarious disbelief from his co-star Murray Abraham, who thought Woodall had won a fortune. The actor humorously revealed that his joy stemmed not from the money, but from the glory of the win. This amusing incident added another layer of camaraderie and laughter to their shared experience.

Woodall fondly remembers his time on The White Lotus as one of the best times of his life. The incredible camaraderie and the magical setting combined to create an extraordinary journey for the cast and crew. The show’s success not only benefited its viewers but also provided an unforgettable experience for the actors involved.

As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season of The White Lotus, it has been announced that season three will be set in Thailand. Returning star Natasha Rothwell will be joined by an outstanding cast of newcomers, including Carrie Coon, Scott Glenn, Walton Goggins, Leslie Bibb, Michelle Monaghan, Parker Posey, and many more talented individuals.

Without a doubt, Leo Woodall’s account of his time on The White Lotus season two highlights the incredible connection and joy shared among the cast members. Their off-screen bond enhanced their on-screen performances, creating a captivating and unforgettable viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

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