Ayo Edebiri’s Hilarious Encounter with Jennifer Lopez on Saturday Night Live

Discover how Ayo Edebiri faced her past actions involving Jennifer Lopez on "Saturday Night Live" and learn the valuable lessons she shared about online behavior.

While gracing the esteemed stage of “Saturday Night Live” on February 3rd, Ayo Edebiri decided to confront her past antics involving none other than the iconic Jennifer Lopez, who happened to be the episode’s musical guest. In a hilarious game show sketch orchestrated by the legendary Kenan Thompson, contestants were forced to reckon with their mean-spirited social media behavior. Edebiri fearlessly acknowledged her previously made jokes by declaring, “Alright, alright. We’ve heard the message loud and clear. It’s absolutely wrong to spew out mean comments, post things solely for clout, or blabber recklessly on a podcast. And let’s be honest, we don’t consider the impact of our words because we’re all just 24 and foolish. But, ladies and gentlemen, mark my words – as of this very moment, we shall embark on a journey of thoughtfulness when it comes to our online posts.”

Now, let’s dig into the juicy details. Edebiri found herself entangled in a 2020 episode of “Scam Goddess” alongside host Laci Mosley, where some snarky remarks were thrown J.Lo’s way. Mosley boldly claimed that our beloved Jennifer Lopez has built her entire career on a foundation of scams, completely oblivious to the critiques people have about her.

Edebiri couldn’t help but chime in, saying, “Oh, honey, let me enlighten you. J.Lo may think she’s a multitasking marvel, but truth be told, it ain’t her behind the wheel for most of those songs.” A cheeky grin spread across her face as she continued, “You know, when the write-ups mention things like ‘J.Lo didn’t have time to hit the studio,’ it’s code for ‘Girlfriend was busy doing literally everything else except singing.’ Bless her heart!”

Now, if you were expecting a face-off between Jennifer Lopez and Ayo Edebiri during the show, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Unfortunately, J.Lo didn’t make an appearance in any sketches that night. However, she did make cameo moments alongside Edebiri in a promo released prior to the episode. The admiration between them was palpable as Jen showered Edebiri with love, exclaiming, “I absolutely adore your show!” To which our witty comedian responded, “Oh, trust me, darling, I adore your everything!”

Now that we’ve unraveled the tale of Ayo Edebiri and her “roast gate” involving Jennifer Lopez, we must embrace the lesson learned. Let’s remember to be careful with our words, especially when we have a podcast platform or a keyboard at our disposal. And always keep in mind, folks, it’s never wise to mess with the J.Lo empire. Stay funny, stay kind, and stay away from unnecessary drama!

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