Outrageous Gossip: Kate Middleton’s Coma Rumors Debunked by Palace Sources

Get ready for the juiciest gossip of the century! A Spanish TV show claimed Kate Middleton was in a coma, but palace sources called it nonsense. Find out the truth behind this wild story and raise a glass to our resilient Duchess!

Prepare yourselves for the most outrageous gossip of the century – according to some Spanish TV show, our beloved Duchess, Kate Middleton, was apparently in a coma! Can you believe it? Well, you better not, because palace sources are calling it ‘total nonsense’ and ‘fundamentally, totally made-up.’ How dare they try to put our dear Kate through such fictional drama!

So, this Spanish journalist, Concha Calleja, had the audacity to claim that Kate’s life was in ‘great danger’ after her recent abdominal surgery. And not just that, she even suggested that our brave doctors had to put her in an induced coma to save her life! As if that wasn’t enough, Calleja further claimed to have chatted with a royal household aide in a completely ‘off-the-record manner,’ but the Palace insists this never happened. Oh, the drama!

In Calleja’s wild imagination, the doctors apparently had to make some ‘drastic decisions’ due to unexpected complications during the postoperative period. She even mentioned that our radiant Duchess had to be intubated, just because things didn’t go as swimmingly as expected after the operation. Talk about visualizing your own fantasy, right?

And you won’t believe what Calleja added – she said, and I quote, “the concern in the royal household was palpable. It was about saving her life.” Can you picture the chaos at the palace? All those serious faces, running around to create a makeshift hospital at Prince William and Kate’s home, as if they don’t have enough on their plate already. Hilarious!

According to Calleja’s wild tale, Kate was going to need an army of helpers not just from her family, but from the entire healthcare staff. I guess they were preparing for war or something! She even mentioned that “practically an entire hospital is being set up” at the royal residence. I mean, seriously? Such a drama queen!

After keeping a low profile for a few days, recovering from her ‘supposed’ illness, Kate was supposedly airlifted to the hospital on December 28th. Yes, that’s right – she vanished after the royal family’s famed Christmas Day walk to the church in Sandringham. Suspicious, isn’t it? She must have planned her ‘coma’ just in time for a Christmas getaway!

But hold on, folks – let’s not forget the most important part of this ridiculous story. According to a reliable palace source (yes, I can hear some laughter in the background), this journalist, Concha Calleja, didn’t bother to fact-check any of the information she spewed. Yup, it’s all a load of baloney, just like we suspected.

So, let’s all have a good chuckle and raise a glass to our resilient Kate, who managed to escape the clutches of a coma that never was. Cheers to her excellent health and, of course, to the power of reliable sources debunking these hilarious rumors!

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