Emma Stone Shares Experience Working with Intimacy Coordinator for “Poor Things” Film

Discover the peculiar plot of Emma Stone's upcoming film "Poor Things" where she works with an intimacy coordinator to ensure professional and comfortable handling of intimate scenes. Learn more about the role of intimacy coordinators in creating a safe environment for actors.

So, picture this: Emma Stone, the sensational Hollywood star, spills the beans about her experience working with an intimacy coordinator for her upcoming film “Poor Things.” And let me tell you, folks, this movie is anything but your typical run-of-the-mill flick.

Alright, let’s dive into the peculiar plot of this mind-boggling masterpiece. Our leading lady, Bella, takes center stage as a young woman with an intriguing twist. She possesses a childlike demeanor that would make even the most mature among us raise an eyebrow.

Now, buckle up because it’s about to get wild. Turns out, Bella’s guardian, the enigmatic Godwin (played by the extraordinary Willem Dafoe), spills the secret that Bella is, in fact, one of his experiments. Drumroll, please… She was originally a pregnant woman who took a daring leap off a bridge, seemingly to end her life. But wait, there’s more! Godwin, with his mad scientist vibes, works his magic and resurrects her. But hold onto your hats, because he doesn’t stop there.

No, no, my friends. He takes it up a notch. He replaces Bella’s brain with that of her unborn baby’s. Yes, you read that right. We now have an adult woman walking around with the brain of a tiny human who hasn’t even taken a breath of fresh air. The very definition of mind-boggling, I tell you.

As the story unfolds, Bella embarks on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery, all while acquiring knowledge about the world at a pace that would make even the speediest of learners break a sweat. Talk about an accelerated crash course in life!

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes action. You see, “Poor Things” tackled some rather intimate scenes, and to ensure that everything was handled with utmost professionalism and comfort, our gal Emma Stone had an intimacy coordinator by her side.

But hold on just a second, what’s an intimacy coordinator, you ask? Well, my friend, imagine having a superhero on set whose superpower is creating a safe and respectful environment for those intimate moments that can sometimes make even the most experienced actors feel a little, shall we say, vulnerable.

No longer do actors need to stumble their way through those steamy scenes, fraught with uncertainty and awkwardness. Thanks to the brilliance of intimacy coordinators like the one Emma Stone had, these scenes become a well-choreographed dance, balancing trust, communication, and artistic vision. It’s like having an expert guide you through the intricate steps of a passionate tango.

So, while “Poor Things” may have pushed the boundaries of reality with its extraordinary plot, we can rest assured that behind the camera, everything was in capable hands. Emma Stone, embracing her eccentric role as Bella, had her intimacy coordinator supporting her every step of the way.

And as we anxiously await the release of this mind-bending film, let’s tip our hats to the unsung heroes of the industry, the intimacy coordinators who keep our favorite actors feeling safe, respected, and ready to dazzle us on the silver screen.

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