Lana Announces Upcoming Country Album “Lasso” with Collaborator Jack Antonoff

Exciting news! Singer-songwriter Lana has officially announced her upcoming country album, "Lasso," and teased her talented collaborator, Jack Antonoff. Get ready for an enchanting musical journey set to be unleashed in September. Plus, Lana candidly reveals the unexpected reason behind a recent relationship ending.

Get ready to dust off your cowboy boots and unleash your inner yeehaw, because the talented singer-songwriter, now 38 years young, has officially announced her upcoming country album, aptly named Lasso. This exciting news was revealed during the glitzy Billboard and NMPA Songwriter Awards, which took place on a star-studded evening in Los Angeles on January 31.

As Lana took the stage to share her thrilling announcement, she declared, “If you can’t already tell by our award winners and our performers, the music business is taking a detour through the wild wild West. We’re going country, y’all! It’s happenin’!” With these words, she not only highlighted the increasing popularity of country music but also teased the involvement of her talented collaborator, Jack Antonoff, who’s vying to become the three-time Grammy-winning producer of the year.

But wait, there’s more to this enchanting tale…

“That’s why my partner-in-rhyme, Jack, has been chasing that sweet country sound with me for the past four years, from the iconic Muscle Shoals to the country haven of Nashville and even deep into the Mississippi delta,” Lana shared, fueling our anticipation for the musical journey she has in store for us.

Mark your calendars for September, because that’s when Lasso, Lana’s remarkable tenth studio album, is set to be unleashed upon the world. This highly anticipated release follows the success of her previous album, 2023’s whimsically titled Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. Clearly, Lana is no stranger to intriguing album names!

And let’s not forget the man behind the melodies, our very own Jack Antonoff. Lana lovingly refers to him as the lucky star-born, multi-talented producer and creative genius that made this incredible project possible. Not only can he produce chart-topping hits, but he can also give them that irresistible country flavor.

In other Lana news, just a few weeks ago, the songstress candidly revealed the unexpected reason why a recent relationship came to an end. Remember, always make sure you’re on the same page about country music preferences before diving headfirst into a romance!


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