Tips to Combat Husky Hair on Clothes and Keep Your Wardrobe Fur-Free

Struggling with husky hair on your clothes? Discover effective tips and techniques to combat this issue and keep your wardrobe fur-free.

Huskies are beautiful and lovable dogs, but their thick fur can be a problem when it comes to clothing. As a husky owner myself, I understand the struggle of constantly finding dog hair on my clothes. In this article, we will explore various tips and techniques to effectively combat the husky hair issue and keep your wardrobe fur-free.

1. Understanding the Challenge:
Huskies have a dense double coat of fur that sheds heavily twice a year. This shedding process, known as “blowing their coat,” can leave behind a significant amount of hair on your clothes. Additionally, their fur tends to stick to fabrics, making it difficult to remove.

2. Regular Grooming:
One of the most effective ways to tackle husky hair is by regular grooming. Brushing your husky’s fur at least once a week will help remove loose hair and prevent it from ending up on your clothes. Using a de-shedding tool, such as a slicker brush or a undercoat rake, can significantly reduce shedding.

3. Laundry Tips:
Properly washing your clothes can make a big difference in getting rid of husky hair. Use a lint trap or hair-catching laundry product in the washing machine to prevent the fur from spreading to other garments. Additionally, washing your clothes on a high-speed spin cycle can help loosen and remove any trapped hair.

4. Clothing Choices:
Consider altering your clothing choices to minimize the impact of husky hair. Opt for darker colors and patterns, as they are less likely to show the fur. Additionally, wearing clothes made of materials that do not attract or hold hair, such as nylon or polyester, can help reduce the amount of fur sticking to your clothes.

5. Sticky Tools and Techniques:
While lint rollers might not be sufficient for husky hair removal, there are other sticky tools and techniques that can help. For example, using packing tape wrapped around your hand can be an effective way to pick up loose hair from your clothing. Another option is using a damp rubber glove and running it over your clothes to gather the fur.


Q1. Can regular brushing help reduce husky shedding?
A1. Yes, regular brushing can significantly reduce husky shedding by removing loose hair before it gets on your clothes.

Q2. Should I avoid wearing light-colored clothes as a husky owner?
A2. Light-colored clothes are more likely to show husky hair, so opting for darker colors or patterns is a better choice.

Q3. Are there any specific laundry products for removing husky hair?
A3. Some hair-catching laundry products, such as lint traps or hair-catching balls, can help prevent fur from spreading to other garments.

Q4. Can I prevent husky hair from sticking to my clothes altogether?
A4. While it is difficult to prevent husky hair from sticking completely, wearing clothes made of non-sticky materials like nylon or polyester can reduce the problem.

Q5. Is there any professional cleaning method to remove husky hair from clothes?
A5. Dry cleaning can be effective in removing husky hair from clothes, but make sure to inform the cleaners about the fur issue beforehand.Being a husky owner doesn’t mean sacrificing your love for fashion. By implementing regular grooming, tweaking your clothing choices, and utilizing sticky tools and techniques, you can save your clothes from the clutches of husky hair. Remember, a little extra effort goes a long way in keeping your wardrobe fur-free and ensuring a stylish and hair-free life with your adorable husky.

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