Erin Moriarty of ‘The Boys’ Resurfaces with Furry Companions After Megyn Kelly Clash

Erin Moriarty, star of 'The Boys', resurfaces after a clash with Megyn Kelly, showcasing her furry friends. She's back and unbothered by negativity!

‘The Boys’ Star Erin Moriarty Emerges from Megyn Kelly Spat with a Handful (and a Phoneful) of Pooches!

Hey there, folks! We’ve got some juicy news for you today. Erin Moriarty, the fabulous star of “The Boys,” has finally resurfaced after her epic showdown with none other than Megyn Kelly. And guess what? She’s got her hands full, both literally and figuratively!

Erin, who recently quit Instagram due to some harsh criticism from Megyn, was spotted strolling around West Hollywood with her two adorable furry companions. Rocking a makeup-free look, she seemed to be sending a clear message to her haters: “I’m back, and I couldn’t care less about your negativity!”

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate this rare sighting of the star. In the photos, you can see Erin attempting to juggle her pups and her phone simultaneously. It’s a hilarious sight that every dog mom can relate to. We can only imagine the struggle of wrangling rambunctious pooches while trying to stay connected to the digital world. Erin, you’ve got our respect!

If you’re wondering why Erin disappeared from the online realm in the first place, well, it all started when Megyn went on a rampage about Erin’s appearance and alleged plastic surgeries. On her radio show, Megyn expressed her concern about an “obsession” with transforming oneself into a “fake version” and even called it a “sign of mental illness.” Yikes!

But Erin wasn’t one to sit back and take it. Oh no! She fired back with a lengthy statement, setting the record straight. She not only denied having any plastic surgery but also highlighted the negative impact of such baseless accusations. Her response was nothing short of epic. She slammed Megyn for her “exhibitionist feminism” and announced her withdrawal from social media. Cue the mic drop!

Fast forward to today, and Erin is looking like the epitome of confidence. Despite the drama, she’s giving off vibes of self-assurance and resilience. We can’t help but cheer for her as she navigates through the turbulent waters of fame and online scrutiny.

Now, let’s get back to those adorable furry friends of hers. It’s evident that Erin finds solace and joy in her doggos. They bring a smile to her face, and honestly, they’re bringing a smile to ours too! Dogs truly are a person’s best friend, and we’re glad to see Erin embracing their unconditional love.

So, here’s to Erin Moriarty, the queen of conquering adversity and the master of dog wrangling! We’re rooting for you, girl. Keep slaying on the screen and beyond!

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