‘La Cocina’: A Savory Slice of Suspense and Romance in the Heart of Manhattan

Get ready for a mouth-watering cinematic treat! HanWay Films will represent sales at EFM for 'La Cocina', starring Rooney Mara and directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios. Join Pedro and Julia in a suspenseful story set in a bustling Times Square kitchen. Discover the flavors of tragedy and comedy while exploring the American dream. Don't miss the world premiere in Berlin! Bon appétit! #LaCocina #cinema #Berlinale

Hold on to your culinary creativity, folks, because HanWay Films has just announced that they will be representing international sales at the upcoming European Film Market (EFM) for their latest mouth-watering offering – the Berlinale Competition title ‘La Cocina.’ And that’s not all, dear readers! Fifth Season has come to the party, co-financing the film and joining forces with the formidable WME to handle North American representation.

Get ready to be served an enticing platter of talent, as two-time Oscar nominee Rooney Mara slides into the lead role of this delectable cinematic treat. ‘La Cocina’ spices things up by taking place over the course of one day in the hustle and bustle of a Times Square kitchen. Calling the shots behind the camera is none other than renowned Mexican filmmaker, Alonso Ruizpalacios, known for his critically acclaimed film ‘Güeros.’ Joining Mara on this savory adventure is the charming Raúl Briones, whose previous work includes the captivating ‘A Cop Movie.’

So, what’s the secret recipe that makes ‘La Cocina’ one to watch? Picture this: it’s the lunch rush at The Grill in Manhattan, when suddenly, money goes missing from the cash register. Cue the investigation into all the undocumented cooks, with Pedro (portrayed by the talented Briones) taking center stage as the prime suspect. Pedro, a dreamer and a bit of a troublemaker, finds himself head over heels in love with Julia (played by Mara), an American waitress who seems allergic to commitment. But wait, there’s more! Rashid, the owner of The Grill, promises to help Pedro sort out his papers so he can finally become a legal resident. However, a shocking revelation about Julia sends Pedro spiraling into an act that will bring the bustling production line of one of the city’s busiest kitchens to a grinding halt. Talk about adding a dash of drama to the dish!

But ‘La Cocina’ is more than just a savory slice of suspenseful storytelling – it’s a heartfelt homage to the unsung heroes who keep our beloved restaurants running smoothly and our bellies happily full. In its own unique blend of tragedy and comedy, the film shines a spotlight on those chasing the sometimes elusive American dream.

Get ready to savor the flavors concocted by the talented team behind ‘La Cocina.’ Directed and written by the masterful Ruizpalacios, the film draws inspiration from Arnold Wesker’s acclaimed play. Behind the scenes, we have the producing prowess of Ramiro Ruiz, Gerardo Gatica, Lauren Mann, and Ivan Orlic to thank for making this cinematic feast a reality. Not to mention, this delectable dish is a co-production between Filmadora and a captivating blend of partner production companies including Panorama, Fifth Season, Astrakan Film AB, and Seine Pictures.

Drumroll, please! Word on the street is that Rooney Mara and the creative minds behind ‘La Cocina’ will grace the film’s world premiere in Berlin with their presence. Gabrielle Stewart, the genius behind HanWay Films, couldn’t contain her excitement and exclaimed, “The entire HanWay team flipped when we screened ‘La Cocina.’ Alonso is a huge talent, his cast is incredible, and we all back this film to have real impact in Berlin. It is a must-see.” Can we get a “bon appétit” for this captivating culinary experience?

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