Elliott Wilson says sorry to Kai Cenat after Nicki Minaj’s online drama

Hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson apologizes to Kai Cenat after a social media clash with Nicki Minaj, causing a heated hip hop drama. Find out more here.

Elliott Wilson Apologizes To Kai Cenat Following Heated Social Media Spat With Nicki Minaj: The Hip Hop Drama Unfolds

Oh boy, we’ve got some spicy drama brewing in the hip hop world! It all started when hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson felt some type of way about an interview with Nicki Minaj done by Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. Wilson wasn’t in the books for a sit-down chat with the rapper, and he decided to voice his opinion on the matter.

Wilson took to his X account and shared a short clip of Minaj twerking during Cenat’s live stream, captioning the photo with “hip hop journalism.” Well, let’s just say that some fans didn’t take too kindly to that comment and perceived it as an insult to the Twitch star. Yikes!

Amid the drama, Nicki Minaj didn’t hesitate to clap back at Wilson, lashing out at him for his remark and calling out his journalistic practices. She accused him of manipulating narratives to make her appear in a negative light. Elliot, if you’d spit JayZ d*** out for one second, you’d be able to be happy for the new comers,” she posted in response to Wilson’s remark about the live stream. Shots fired!

And the drama didn’t stop there. Oh no, Nicki Minaj later elaborated on the situation, telling fans that Wilson had allegedly disrespected her in several tweets in the past and even referred to him as “Idiot Wilson.” She added, “Nobody owes you s**t, h** n***a. F**k you!” Wow, things are really heating up.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! The podcast host attempted to clear the air by responding to Minaj, clarifying that he was not disrespecting her with the tweet. “Never dissed Nicki. Always said she’s the female rap [GOAT],” he said. “I think Cardi B is dope too. Happy Holidays.” Well, it seems like Wilson is trying to play nice now.

And finally, it looks like we’ve reached the climax of this juicy saga. Wilson hopped back on the social media platform to issue a public apology to Kai Cenat. He admitted that he was out of line and let his competitive nature get the best of him, recognizing that he should’ve never discredited the platform Cenat has built from the ground up. It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong, so props to Wilson for owning up to it.

Well, it seems like the drama has finally come to a close (for now, at least). But who knows what the future holds in the wild world of hip hop? Buckle up, because it’s always a bumpy ride!

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