Did Vikings really wear horned helmets? Spoiler alert: nope!

Did Vikings really wear horned helmets? The answer may surprise you. Discover the truth behind this popular myth and the artist who started it all.

So you’ve probably seen a picture or two of Vikings wearing those iconic horned helmets, right? Well, it turns out that those images are nothing more than a myth! According to the experts, there is actually no evidence to support the idea that Vikings ever wore horned helmets. In fact, the whole thing seems to have been a big misunderstanding that started in the 1870s.

It’s kind of funny to think about how this misconception got started. It seems that a Swedish artist by the name of Gustav Malmstr√∂m may have been to blame. In his illustrations of Viking scenes, he decided to give them these flashy horned helmets as a way to make them look more intimidating. And wouldn’t you know it, his artwork ended up becoming incredibly popular and widespread, leading people to believe that Vikings really did wear these elaborate headpieces.

But the truth is, there is just no historical evidence to back up this claim. In fact, the only Viking helmet that has ever been discovered is a simple, unadorned piece that looks nothing like what you see in the movies. It seems that Vikings preferred practicality over showmanship when it came to their headgear.

So why do we continue to perpetuate this myth? Well, it’s probably because the idea of horned-helmet-wearing Vikings is just so visually striking and memorable. It’s a lot more exciting to imagine these fierce warriors charging into battle with horns protruding from their heads, rather than wearing plain old helmets. And thanks to pop culture and media, this image has become firmly ingrained in our collective consciousness.

But as we now know, it’s all just a load of bull. The next time you come across a picture of a Viking wearing a horned helmet, just remember that it’s nothing more than a fanciful creation of some artist’s imagination. The real Vikings may have been fierce and formidable, but they did so without the aid of any ostentatious headgear.

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