Scott Havens Leaves News to Play Ball with New York Mets

Well, well, well, look who’s making moves! M. Scott Havens, the former CEO of Bloomberg Media, is packing up his business savvy and heading to the New York Mets as the head of their business operations. This guy knows a thing or two about running a tight ship, so the Mets better buckle up for some serious upgrades!

What’s His Gig?

Okay, so what exactly will Havens be in charge of? Well, pretty much everything that’s not related to baseball. From marketing to finance to operations, he’s taking the reins and steering the franchise toward greatness. The dude’s got some big shoes to fill, though, as the position has been vacant since Sandy Alderson stepped into a consulting role last year.

When’s He Coming Aboard?

Mark your calendars, folks, because Havens is set to join the Mets in January. Just in time for a fresh start in the new year, am I right?

What the Big Boss Says

Owner Steve Cohen is as pumped as a Mets fan on game day about this new hire. He’s stoked to have Havens on board and is all jazzed up about the dude’s experience in the media and digital technology world. In a joint statement with his wife, Alex, Cohen said, “Bringing someone on board of Scott’s caliber is an exciting development for the Mets organization. Scott has vast experience leading world-class media and digital technology-led companies such as Bloomberg Media and Time Inc. and he’ll provide a modern vision and strategic direction for our organization.” Talk about a glowing endorsement!

His Background

Havens has been holding it down at Bloomberg since 2015, where he eventually took over as CEO after the previous big shot, Justin Smith, jetted off to create a new media outlet called Semafor. Before his time at Bloomberg, Havens flexed his executive muscles at Time Inc. and The Atlantic. This dude’s got a resume that’s longer than a CVS receipt!

From Dream to Reality

For Havens, this gig with the Mets is a dream come true. He’s straight-up giddy about the opportunity, saying, “The opportunity to join the Mets organization is a lifelong dream fulfilled. I’m thrilled to build upon the great work under way, accelerating the push to modernize our strategy across the organization, driving new digital and media innovation, and ultimately, to provide our fans with the best experience in sports.” It’s like a kid in a candy store, folks!

What’s the Deal with the Mets Anyway?

If you’re not up to speed on the Mets’ recent doings, let me clue you in. The Cohens, Steve and Alex, snatched up the franchise in 2020 and they’re not messing around. They’ve been pulling out all the stops to revamp the team and get them back on top. Last season, the Mets finished with a solid 75-87 record, landing them in fourth place in the National League East. But with Havens on board, who knows what kind of magic they can work for the upcoming season!

So, there you have it, folks. Scott Havens is packing up his Bloomberg Media mojo and taking it to the New York Mets. With his experience and vision, there’s no telling what kind of moves the team will make under his leadership. So, Mets fans, get ready for a whole new ballgame!

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