Hulk Hogan’s Son Nick Gets Busted for DUI in the Sunshine State?

Guess who got into trouble with the law again? That’s right, it’s Hulk Hogan’s son Nick! The 33-year-old was arrested for a DUI in the wee hours of Saturday morning in Clearwater, Florida. Talk about starting the weekend off with a bang!

According to reports by TMZ, Nick was taken into custody around 4am and he wasn’t exactly thrilled about taking a sobriety test. I mean, who wants to be bothered with that kind of thing at 4 in the morning, right? He was hit with misdemeanor charges and even got his very own mugshot – I hope he at least smiled for the camera!

Although this isn’t Nick’s first run-in with the law in the area. Back in 2007, he was slapped with an eight-month jail sentence after causing a serious accident while driving in Clearwater. It’s reported that a friend who was in the car with him at the time ended up with a brain injury. Yikes, talk about a bad track record!

As of now, neither Nick nor Hulk have made any comments about the situation. Let’s hope that everyone is safe and sound, and that there were no injuries involved. In the meantime, it might be a good idea for Nick to invest in a designated driver or a good ol’ taxi when he’s out on the town.

But wait, there’s more! If you missed it, Hulk recently tied the knot with Sky Daily. However, his daughter Brooke didn’t make it to the wedding, and she had a pretty interesting reason for it. Seems like the Hogan family just can’t stay out of the headlines!

So, there you have it – another day, another celebrity scandal. Let’s hope Nick learns from this experience and stays out of trouble in the future. But who are we kidding? With a last name like Hogan, trouble seems to find them one way or another. Oh, the drama!

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