Did Luke Macfarlane & Hig Roberts Share Rare Photos After NYC Marathon?

Luke Macfarlane and his partner Hig Roberts both completed the New York City Marathon last weekend and now they’ve shared some great photos from the special day. The couple, who welcomed their first child into the world earlier this year, ran the race alongside Hig’s twin sister Cassady. The group ran the marathon in memory of Hig and Cassady’s late brother Murphy. Keep reading to find out more…

“11/5/2023– We crossed the finish line of the NYC Marathon. I am humbled, inspired, my knee ligaments might still be on the course, and I found out that buying the world’s most cushioned shoes means you actually have no idea what you’re doing,” Hig wrote on Instagram. “I ran (shuffled) with the people I love the most in the world in honor of my brother and for the Type 1 community @beyondtype1. Near mile 21, fittingly also Murphy’s number, I crumpled over a fire extinguisher and my twin took the team on her back to get us home— something she has done for our family time and time again since we lost Murphy. It is these moments and the opportunity to have a place to put the pain, loss, as well as the hope and will into something that makes me the best version of myself. I appreciate all who supported us with fundraising, cheers, etc. And for Murph— who though I wish was physically here— shows up and reminds me to do the marathon of life as best as possible.”

Luke, 43, finished with an official time of 4:36:37 and Hig, 32, finished with an official time of 4:42:35. See a list of all the celebs who ran the marathon!

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