Any Post-Credits Scene in ‘The Marvels’? Spoilers on 2023 Action Movie.

The Marvels, set to hit theaters on November 10, has been the talk of the town in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom. Critics have had mixed reviews, but fans are still over the moon. As we all know, the end of a Marvel movie means one thing – post-credits scenes. So, does The Marvels have one? Spoilers ahead!

Yes, The Marvels reportedly has a post-credits scene. Early viewers and critics who have had the privilege of seeing the film have reported that there are two scenes after the end credits roll. However, some outlets have claimed that there is only one scene. This discrepancy might be due to the fact that there is supposedly a mid-credits scene followed by a post-credits clip.

Some fans have already spoiled the end-credits scene over social media platforms. Multiple fan accounts have leaked that Hailee Seinfeld, known for her role as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, will reprise her role alongside Ms. Marvel in the post-credits scene. Additionally, some viral videos have shown a red and black tornado forming on the screen, revealing Elizabeth Olsen’s character, Wanda Maximoff, who was last seen in 2022’s Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

The Marvels takes place after the events of 2019’s Captain Marvel. Brie Larson’s character, Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, has destroyed the Supreme Intelligence, leading to a civil war among the Kree. Now, Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau, also known as Photon, band together with Carol to defeat the new threat, Dar-Benn.

Towards the end of The Marvels, multiple outlets have reported that Monica sacrifices herself by entering a dimensional portal. This portal leads to another universe and it is essential for the three superheroes to close this hole in order to stop it from vacuuming their universe. Monica makes the brave decision to go through the portal, leaving Carol and Kamala to use their powers to close it. As a result, Monica gets stuck in the other universe.

In what seems to be the final scene of the film, Monica wakes up in a laboratory and sees her mother, Maria Rambeau, lying on a bed next to her. To her surprise, she is informed by X-Men’s Beast that she is in a parallel universe. In this universe, she is actually Captain Marvel instead of Carol.

As excitement builds for The Marvels’ release, fans are eagerly anticipating the post-credits scene and can’t wait to see if these leaks turn out to be true. Whether it’s one or two scenes, it’s sure to set the stage for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The movie industry is slowly but surely getting back on its feet again, and with several highly anticipated films set to release in the coming months, there is a renewed sense of excitement in the air. The Marvels is just one of these highly anticipated films, and its post-credits scene has only added to the buzz.

As with any Marvel movie, the post-credits scene has been a hot topic of discussion among fans and critics alike. The leak of spoilers and potential scenes has only served to fuel the anticipation even further. It seems that The Marvels will not disappoint when it comes to the post-credits scene, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can witness it for themselves.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Marvel fan or just someone who enjoys a good action movie, The Marvels is set to be an unmissable experience. Get ready to be blown away by the post-credits scene and let the speculation begin!