Does Arnold Schwarzenegger want fans to watch Sly on Netflix?

Hey there, action movie aficionados! You’re in for a treat because the bromance between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone is alive and well. The legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken to Instagram to encourage his fans to watch Stallone’s latest documentary, Sly, which is now available on Netflix. And let me tell you, this endorsement is no small thing.

In his Instagram post, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who makes an appearance in the documentary discussing his rivalry with Stallone, expressed his pride in Stallone and urged his followers to watch Sly on Netflix. Stallone, in response, expressed his gratitude for the kind words from his former mortal enemy turned BFF, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This documentary is definitely worth checking out. In a clip shared by Schwarzenegger on Instagram, he reminisces about the time Stallone approached him with the script for Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. At the height of Schwarzenegger’s success with comedies like Twins and Kindergarten Cop, Stallone wanted to try his hand at the genre. However, Schwarzenegger, knowing that the script was terrible, spread a rumor that he was interested in starring in the film. His intention was to trick Stallone into signing on to the project, thereby embarrassing himself. And it worked! The movie turned out to be a disaster, which you can learn more about in an episode of Stallone Revisited that we’ve embedded below.

Despite their initial rivalry, Schwarzenegger and Stallone eventually became friends, especially after they invested together in the iconic restaurant chain, Planet Hollywood. In recent years, their friendship has only grown stronger. They starred together in the first three Expendables movies, as well as the film Escape Plan. They even go out of their way to show support for each other’s projects on social media. It seems that they have both realized that their competition only served to enhance their careers rather than diminish them.

So, are you going to join the Schwarzenegger and Stallone fan club and watch Sly this weekend? Let us know in the comments, and if you want to get a sneak peek of what the documentary has in store, be sure to check out our review! It’s going to be an adrenaline-packed experience you won’t want to miss!