Is Cain’s decision to let Sam take the blame against the Dingle Code?

Last night on Emmerdale, Sam found himself worried that he might have been the one responsible for Craig’s death. He confessed to beating Craig up on the night of his murder and expressed his desire to turn himself in to the police.

However, fans of Emmerdale were quick to criticize Cain for allowing Sam to take the blame for the murder. Despite knowing that Sam did not kill Craig, Cain did not speak up and let Sam believe that he was the one responsible.

Emmerdale fans have expressed their disappointment in Cain’s treatment of Sam. Many find it unacceptable that Cain would allow Sam to suffer the consequences for a crime he did not commit.

One fan took to social media and wrote, “Cain is going to set Sam up for murder… not very Dingle Code that is it?…” Another viewer questioned Cain’s decision, saying, “I’m not really sure why Cain doesn’t unburden Sam (& Lydia) with the truth tbh.”

Some viewers have pointed out that this episode contradicts the history of Emmerdale characters. They referenced past events where Cain took the fall for someone else’s crime, but now he is allowing Sam to believe he committed murder.

It remains to be seen if Cain and Kim’s involvement in Craig’s death will be discovered. Despite their knowledge of the truth, they have chosen to stay silent and let Sam take the blame.

Will Sam and Lydia’s lives be ruined as the police close in on the truth? Only time will tell.

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