Is Jasmine regretting her decision after reaching Michigan to be with Gino?

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé Season 10, Jasmine Pineda finally arrives in Michigan to be with her fiancé, Gino Palazzolo. However, her initial reactions to the cold weather are far from positive. Despite her excitement about starting her 90-day journey with Gino, Jasmine quickly realizes that Michigan may not be the ideal place for her.

As soon as she steps foot in the parking garage, Jasmine can be heard complaining about the cold. She is dressed in multiple layers, but it seems that nothing can shield her from the chilly weather. Gino tries to explain that this is just the regular Michigan weather and not air conditioning, but Jasmine bluntly exclaims, “I f–king hate it.”

For those who dislike cold weather, Jasmine’s complaints may be relatable. However, some viewers may find it difficult to sympathize with her, especially considering that she comes from Panama, where the weather is likely much warmer. Jasmine marvels at the sight of Gino’s visible breath in the cold, but instead of finding it fascinating, she sees it as a negative aspect of Michigan weather.

Jasmine admits that she was not meant to live in this kind of weather and expresses her fear of dying from hypothermia. She questions how people can survive in such conditions, clearly struggling to adjust to the change. While Gino teases her about finding out the hard way, hinting at his driving skills, Jasmine seems relieved when she gets in the car and discovers that it has butt-warmers.

Despite her discomfort with the weather, Jasmine is overjoyed to be with Gino and expresses her happiness by kissing his hand. However, she can’t help but notice the gloomy and gray view outside the car window. To her, Michigan weather is like a winter version of hell, and she describes it as depressing due to the constant cloud cover.

It is worth noting that the episode was likely filmed in late winter, considering the timeline mentioned during the Tell All segment. While some viewers may be watching the show in warm mid-October weather, Gino and Jasmine experienced the cold during late February or early March. Nevertheless, Jasmine’s struggles with the weather remain valid.

Jasmine’s remarks about the depressing nature of Michigan weather may suggest that she is experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that typically occurs during the fall and winter months when there is less sunlight. Treatment options, such as light therapy, may be beneficial for Jasmine if she indeed suffers from this condition.

It will be interesting to see how Jasmine adapts to her new home and whether the changing weather conditions will affect her mood and overall experience in Michigan. Despite her initial complaints, it is clear that Jasmine wanted to be with Gino and does not regret her decision to move. Only time will tell if she can find happiness and contentment in this winter wonderland.

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