Is Season 7 of ‘Selling Sunset’ bringing back 10 cast members, excluding 1 original star?

Exciting news for fans of the hit reality show, Selling Sunset! The highly anticipated seventh season is just around the corner, set to premiere on Netflix on November 3. As the buzz builds up, new information about the cast has emerged, shedding light on who will be returning and who might be stepping back.

First, the disappointing news. It seems that one of the original stars of the show will not be making a full-time appearance in this upcoming season. Instead, they are expected to only make occasional appearances in select episodes. While it’s unclear why this decision was made, it’s always tough for fans to see a beloved cast member take a step back.

On a brighter note, we have confirmed that another agent, who hasn’t been heavily featured in the season 7 promo material thus far, will indeed be returning in some capacity. This news comes as a pleasant surprise for fans who may have wondered about their favorite agent’s whereabouts.

Now, let’s dive into the details and discuss the returning cast members who will continue to grace our screens in season 7:

1. Amanza Smith

Amanza Smith, known for her impeccable style and impressive negotiation skills, will be back for another season. Her energy and dynamic personality have made her a fan favorite.

2. Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi, always sharp and business-oriented, will return to provide us with her valuable insights and contribute to the show’s success.

3. Brett Oppenheim

Brett Oppenheim, one of the twins behind the Oppenheim Group, will continue to bring his extensive knowledge of the real estate market to the table.

4. Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea Lazkani, with her entrepreneurial spirit and incredible networking skills, will be back to show us how she dominates the real estate scene.

5. Chrishell Stause

Chrishell Stause, a fan favorite, will surely be making a splash once again with her charm and undeniable presence.

6. Davina Potratz

Davina Potratz, known for her strong opinions and confident demeanor, will return to spice things up and keep the drama rolling.

7. EG

EG, the agent who flew under the radar during the promotional material, will make her mark in the upcoming season.

8. Emma Hernan

The stunning Emma Hernan will grace our screens once again with her beauty and undeniable talent in the real estate world.

9. Heather Rae El Moussa

Heather Rae El Moussa, with her captivating personality and expertise in luxury properties, will be back to amaze us.

10. Jason Oppenheim

Jason Oppenheim, the other half of the twin powerhouse behind the Oppenheim Group, will continue to impress us with his business acumen and leadership.

11. Mary Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald, with her poise, elegance, and exceptional sales skills, will undoubtedly be making a grand entrance in season 7.

12. Nicole Young

Finally, Nicole Young, who has been a valuable asset to the show, will be returning to share her expert knowledge of the real estate market.

Overall, the news of the confirmed returning cast members is sure to generate excitement among fans eagerly awaiting the new season. As we gear up for the premiere of Selling Sunset Season 7, November 3 couldn’t come fast enough!

Stay tuned for more updates, behind-the-scenes gossip, and of course, the dramatic twists and turns that make Selling Sunset the addictive show it is.

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