Is the Loose Women star’s new partner a lifelong commitment?

Loose Women star Dame Kelly Holmes has taken a huge step forward in her relationship with her new partner. The Olympic champion has revealed that she and girlfriend Louise Cullen are moving in together. Louise, who is a massage therapist, will be relocating from Northern Ireland to join Kelly in her Kent home. The couple seems to be incredibly happy, and Kelly has now opened up about their relationship and the exciting news.

Kelly expressed her joy about being with Louise, stating, “She loves me for me. I’m just happy. I’m happy with Lou. It makes it a lot easier being with somebody that I really get on with, and who just likes me for me. Lou’s a different person, she’s a nice person. She’s somebody that doesn’t want anything. She’s not really interested in the work side of me, she doesn’t really want to be in the limelight. And now she’s coming to England so let’s see what happens. Who knows what is around the corner. I’m not going to put pressure on myself and her and say this is forever – but hopefully it is.”

The Loose Women star previously discussed her plans to live with Louise on the show. She mentioned that her partner had encouraged her to slow down for the sake of her health. Kelly, who is known for being a workaholic, admitted that her priorities have shifted since meeting Louise. She confessed, “I’m a workaholic, but I’ve met someone recently who is the most I’ve ever connected with, and your priorities change. My partner’s telling me to slow down for my health. I’m never at home. My partner is moving down in November to live with me. I’m terrified.”

Kelly became emotional while discussing her upcoming move with Louise, stating, “It’s massive, I’m going to cry. It’s massive to admit that I’m going to make a change for somebody.”

In 2022, Dame Kelly Holmes publicly came out, and she hasn’t looked back since. Reflecting on her journey, she revealed, “There have been lots of dark times where I wished I could scream that I am gay – but I couldn’t. I needed to do this now, for me. It was my decision. I’m nervous about saying it. I feel like I’m going to explode with excitement. Sometimes I cry with relief. The moment this comes out, I’m essentially getting rid of that fear.”

It’s heartwarming to see Kelly Holmes embracing her relationship with Louise Cullen and making significant changes for their future together. Their love story is a reminder that true happiness can be found when we connect with someone who genuinely accepts and supports us. Here’s wishing Kelly and Louise all the best as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.


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