Are Prince William & Kate secretly reshaping the monarchy?

An interesting article titled “Prince William & Kate are in ‘stealth mode’ as they ‘transform the monarchy'” has been recently published in The Evening Standard. This article reveals surprising insights into the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s efforts to shape the future of the British monarchy. The author expresses her surprise at the fact that the article appeared in The Evening Standard, which is not considered one of the primary sources for royal news. She notes that the go-to outlets for royal gossip and information are usually The Telegraph, The Times, and The Daily Mail.

The author questions the sub-headline of the article, which suggests that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must generate headlines to maintain their positions. She argues that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are constantly in the media spotlight and generate headlines regularly. Furthermore, she finds the term “stealth mode” amusing, suggesting that it signifies laziness and lack of action rather than strategic decision-making.

The article highlights some interesting points about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s recent activities. It mentions that the couple has been focusing on establishing themselves as more mature and sophisticated figures within the royal family. They have hired Dame Pippa Harris, a prominent television figure, as a director of their Royal Foundation, which is seen as a strategic move by royal insiders. Additionally, there are reports that the couple is planning to hire a CEO to oversee their various projects, including the Earthshot Prize and the Princess’s Centre for Early Childhood. While some view this as a positive step towards modernizing the monarchy, others criticize it for adding unnecessary bureaucracy and potentially causing more tension within the palace.

The author also notes that Prince William has been evolving into a global statesman, particularly during his recent visit to New York, where he received a warm reception. She highlights the couple’s growing popularity, with both William and Kate holding high approval ratings among the public. In contrast, Harry and Meghan’s ratings are comparatively lower.

The author suggests that Prince William and Kate are trying to appeal to Generation Z by expanding their social media presence and posting more engaging and polished videos. They have also added more personnel to their social media team, including a new head of digital. These moves indicate their recognition of the importance of social media in their roles as working members of the royal family.

Overall, the article suggests that Prince William and Kate Middleton are positioning themselves for a new era in the British monarchy. The introduction of a CEO, hiring individuals from the entertainment industry, and increasing their social media presence are all seen as steps towards modernization. However, the author points out that these moves appear to be a replication of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s successful strategies, rather than original ideas. She concludes by questioning the assumption that Prince William will be a keen and hip king in 2050, as the article suggests, given the likelihood of Prince Charles assuming the throne before then.

In conclusion, the article sheds light on the efforts of Prince William and Kate Middleton to transform the monarchy. While some view their actions as positive and necessary for modernization, others criticize them for copying the strategies of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The article raises interesting points about the future direction of the British monarchy and the challenges it faces in a changing world.