Is Rihanna Going on a World Tour? Fans Seem to Think So.

The internet is buzzing with rumors that Rihanna is getting ready to embark on a world tour and release new music. While these rumors remain unconfirmed, let’s take a look at what reports and social media are saying:

More Details Regarding Rihanna’s Alleged Upcoming Tour & New Music

According to an anonymous source cited in a report by Mirror, Rihanna is secretly planning a “comeback tour” between 2024 and 2025. The source claims that she has signed with Live Nation to facilitate this world tour and her team is already putting everything together in Los Angeles. The insider adds that Rihanna will release two albums’ worth of material before returning to the stage.

It’s important to note that Live Nation has not made any public confirmation about Rihanna’s tour plans. Currently, their website shows no upcoming events for the artist.

Social Media Reacts

Naturally, fans took to social media to express their excitement and anticipation for Rihanna’s potential return to music and touring. Rihanna’s last music release, “Lift Me Up,” was featured on the soundtrack of the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever almost a year ago. Her last major public performance was during the Super Bowl halftime show in February 2022, where she revealed her pregnancy with her second child.

On Twitter, fans eagerly shared their reactions:

“Rihanna going on tour? Consider the tickets bought!” – @_skyerene

“Rihanna go on tour, understand…I’m paying WHATEVER…” – @Phat_Cheeksz

“IF RIHANNA GOES ON TOUR ” – @asvpxhawa

Others responded to the news with a mix of disbelief and excitement:

“Rihanna is releasing music AND going on tour?? Nah, this shit is too good to be true…” – @iamaymanee

“They saying Rihanna going on a stadium tour next year with two new albums” – @beyhasaproblem

“OH RIHANNA IS COMING BACK TO GAG THE WHOLE INDUSTRY. World Tour and already 2 albums recorded. DONT GAG ME LIKE THAT MOTHER” – @navywithbardi

And some fans couldn’t contain their excitement:

“It’s time to get in formation. Get yourself prepared cause’ 2 albums and a world tour?” – @RihannaNepal

While these reactions highlight the anticipation surrounding Rihanna’s potential comeback, it’s essential to remember that these tour plans and new music releases have yet to be officially confirmed.

As fans eagerly wait for more news, one thing is for sure – if Rihanna does hit the stage, it’s safe to say her fans will be ready to support her.

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