Did Evelyn Lozada and LaVon Lewis call off their engagement due to growing difficulties?

Reality TV star Evelyn Lozada recently announced that she and entrepreneur LaVon Lewis have called off their engagement. The news of their engagement first surfaced in March, when it was revealed that Lozada met Lewis while participating as a bachelorette on the dating series ‘Queens Court.’ They got engaged in December 2022 during the show’s taping.

In a recent interview with US Weekly, Lozada explained that things between her and Lewis moved quickly, and she began to feel a disconnect in their relationship. She mentioned that they both come from different places, with her being from the Bronx, New York, and Lewis hailing from Alabama.

The couple also faced the challenges of a long-distance relationship, as Lozada lives in Los Angeles, California, while Lewis resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, Lewis has a son who is starting high school, adding another layer of complexity to their relationship.

Lozada shared that the decision to end the engagement ultimately came from the difficulties they were facing, and she didn’t want to continue for the sake of appearances. Despite the breakup, she expressed her happiness that they are still able to remain friends and maintain a positive dynamic.

Looking back at their engagement, it was reported that Lewis proposed to Lozada during her birthday party in December. He surprised her with a blindfolded walk to the front door, where she found her family and friends waiting with a romantic setup, including big ‘marry me’ letters and roses.

In an interview, Lozada expressed her surprise at the moment and mentioned that she found it challenging to let go and allow Lewis to take the lead in planning the proposal. However, she acknowledged that she had never experienced the same energy with any of her previous partners.

Lozada is a mother of two children from previous relationships, while Lewis has a 13-year-old son. Initially, Lewis had plans to move to Los Angeles once his son started high school.

While the engagement between Evelyn Lozada and LaVon Lewis didn’t work out, the couple remains on good terms and is determined to maintain a positive relationship. Despite facing challenges such as a disconnect and long-distance, they both recognize that it was the right decision to end their engagement. Lozada looks forward to Lewis finding happiness with someone else and even expressed her willingness to attend his future wedding. Both parties are grateful that their breakup hasn’t resulted in bitterness or negativity.

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