What do people say about Princess Eugenie’s appearance when they meet her?

Princess Eugenie, the 33-year-old granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II, recently appeared on an episode of Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast where she discussed various topics, including her appearance and social media. In a candid manner, Eugenie shared her thoughts about public opinion and the challenges she faces when managing her own Instagram account.

During the podcast, Eugenie admitted that she finds managing her own Instagram account to be a stressful experience. She revealed, “Oh my God, I get so nervous. Before I post, I have to text about 5 people asking if it’s okay, have I got a spelling mistake, am I gonna get in trouble?” This confession sheds light on the pressure she feels to present herself accurately and avoid any potential backlash from her posts.

Furthermore, Eugenie expressed her initial apprehension about starting an Instagram account in 2018. She admitted to being “very nervous” but emphasized her desire for people to get to know her better. Due to rampant misinformation about her, she saw social media as an opportunity to present the real Eugenie to the public and clear up any misconceptions.

One aspect that Eugenie touched upon was the idea of unflattering photos. She mentioned how people might stumble upon a “terrifyingly ugly photo” or candid “action shots” of her, which she acknowledged are not the most flattering. These types of images can evoke mixed feelings, as Eugenie shared, “I have people come up to me sometimes and say, ‘Oh you’re much better looking in real life,’ and you’re like, ‘Agh. Is that a compliment? I dunno.'” This further illustrates the scrutiny she faces regarding her appearance and the impact it has on her self-image.

Eugenie’s decision to manage her own Instagram account stems from a desire to showcase the real her, including her sense of humor. Despite the nerves and insecurities tied to social media, she believes in the importance of authenticity and connecting with her followers on a personal level.

Princess Eugenie’s openness about her experiences with social media and public perceptions sheds light on the challenges faced by public figures. The pressure to maintain a positive online presence often comes hand in hand with the scrutiny of appearance. However, Eugenie’s determination to present her authentic self serves as an inspiration for others navigating the tricky terrain of social media and public life.